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PS100E02 series 0-5V ceramic pressure transducer is designed by the purpose of low cost and easy installation, it combines the monolithic pressure cell with the latest ASICs, the pressure and temperature calibration are done electronically with the on-board ASIC to guarantee the transducer with a high and stable performance.

Owing to the stable base plate, the transducer is free of mounting problems and can be mounted by OEM clients in different customer specific housings. The use of ceramic ensures a high linearity across the entire range of measurement and reduces effects of hysteresis to a minimum.

Pressure Ranges
0 to 15 psi ... 8700 psi (gauge only)
negative, positive, compound pressure
Power Supply

9 to 15Vdc (NON ratio-metric)

Output Signals
0 to 5V, 1 to 5V (more options are on request)
Data Sheet

PS100E02 wire connection

PS100E02 pin connection 1

PS100E02 pin connection 2

PS100E02 drawing

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