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PS100E03 series monolithic ceramic pressure transducer is made with ceramic cell and works following the piezoresistive principle, it is set to give 4-20mA current loop signal by the on-board ASIC which is added on one side of ceramic diaphragm where the Wheatstone bridge is screen printed, the rear part of the diaphragm can be exposed directly to the medium to be measured.

PS100E03 series guarantees an excellent long-term stability and negligible temperature drifts from measuring pressure 15 psi to 8700 psi, because of the excellent chemical immunity of the the Al2O3 ceramic, it is an ideal solution for pressure measuring with aggressive media.

Pressure Ranges
0 to 15 psi ... 8700 psi (gauge only)
negative, positive, compound pressure
Power Supply

12 to 30Vdc

Output Signals
4 to 20mA (more options are on request)
Data Sheet

PS100E03 wire connection

PS100E03 drawing

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