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SS208 series low cost pressure transmitter is designed for economical industrial and refrigeration applications, it is available with the pressure range from 15 psi to 5800 psi and produces an analog signal based on the sensed pressure. The transmitter is produced by the latest welding technology which allows a crevice-free construction of the pressure port without using seals or O-rings, allows its use in any gas or cooling medium that is compatible with stainless steel, including ammonia.

Pressure Ranges
0 to 15 ... 5800 psi (gauge, absolute)
negative, positive, compound pressure
Power Supply

5Vdc regulated, NOT ratio-metric (typical)
5V ratiometric, 9-30Vdc (on request)

Output Signals
0.5...4.5V (typical)
0.2...4.5V, 1...5V, 0...5V, 0...10V (on request)
Data Sheet

1/4 NPT mechanical connection + Packard connection

1/4 NPT mechanical connection + Packard connection

1/8 NPT mechanical connection + Packard connection

G 1/8 mechanical connection + Packard connection

Low cost pressure sensor
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