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SS103 series OEM piezoresistive pressure transducer is an economic version of the 19mm outside diameter transducer family, it is 6 mm in height without temperature compensation, and available with measuring range from 15 psi to 1500 psi, absolute and relative type is for optional. The transducer is made of stainless steel 316L material and offers 5 pins as the electrical connection, allows direct PCB mounting or can be used for connecting cables.

SS103T series piezoresistive measuring element is an improved version of SS103 series, the transducer offers external temperature compensation, minimum pressure: 15 psi or 1 bar, maximum pressure: 1500 psi or 100 bar.

Pressure Ranges
0 to 15 ... 1500 psi (gauge, absolute)
negative, positive, compound pressure
Power Supply

1.5mA, 1.0mA current excitation
5Vdc, 10Vdc voltage excitation

Output Signals
mV signal

Data Sheet

SS103: 5-pin electrical connection + gauge pressure

SS103: 5-pin electrical connection + absolute pressure

SS103T: 4-wire electrical connection + gauge pressure

SS103 diaphragm

SS103T diaphragm

SS103 drawing

SS103T drawing

Piezoresistive OEM pressure transducer
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